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Comenius meeting v Boloni - reportáže studentů!!!

jak to viděli Jovana, Amálka, Lucka, Natálka, Jana, Robin a Míša - v původním znění bez titulků :-)

DAY 1 - Saturday (Jovana)

Our first day of trip to Bologna started very optimistically. Our group had a meeting point at airport and fortunately everybody made it on time. The first flight to Munich had a delight. This made everybody a little bit nervous, but at the end everything was fine. Second flight to Bologna was peaceful and calm. I only have one suggestion: the food wasn
Our first day of trip to Bologna started very optimistically. Our group had a meeting point at airport and fortunately everybody made it on time. The first flight to Munich had a delight. This made everybody a little bit nervous, but at the end everything was fine. Second flight to Bologna was peaceful and calm. I only have one suggestion: the food wasn’t very delicious, but it’s only my opinion J
After 45 minutes of travelling, we finally arrived to Bologna! Our new families were all waiting for us at the airport. After short familiarization, they drove us to their houses. In the car, my family and me talked about Prague, Czech beer, Juventus, Pavel Nedvěd, Ac Milan and Kaká. And of course, we talked about Italian kitchen, wich I think, is one of the best in the world J
When we arrived Mrs. Rita prepared tortellini for me and others (her husband Stefano, daughter Elisa and Elisa’s boyfriend Luca). Those were the best tortellini’s I had in my lifetime J
In the evening, all Czech and Italian students had a meeting in centre of Bologna. We bought some take away pizza and ice cream. Then we had a long walk through the old city centre. Though we were all exhausted from travel, we all enjoyed this.
When I arrived home I immediately fell asleep.
It was the beginning of a beautiful voyage J.

DAY 2 – Sunday (Amálka)

The weather was beautiful on Sunday. The sun was shining and it was warm like in the summer. In the morning we had a meeting point in Arco del Meloncello. From here we started walking up to Madonna di San Luca church. We had to overcome something over 3.5 km arcaded stairs. But the results of our effort were absolutely perfect. S. Luca is a great and wonderful christian pilgrimage place. The view was beautiful and we could see azure sky and grassy hills.
After our visit of the church we slowly walked down the hill. The nature aroud us was fantastic. The autumn coloured trees to yellow, orange and red shades and wild mint smelled everywhere. We sat down on the meadow and had a pleasant picnic.
When we ate everything we could we set out for a visit of a Museum of musical instruments in Bologna. The exhibition was very interesting and we were accompanied by a funny guide who was really interested in his subject. He presented many (for us) unknown musical instruments and told us the history of a rich library of musical books. After this exhausting lecture we went to a cozy little cafeteria.
From the café we went to Pizzeria Toto for a dinner. There were Italian teachers and students waiting for us. For dinner we had a huge and tasteful pizza and drink for a advantageous price. During the dinner our zebra gave a rise to a new olympic disciplin – wide jump to pizza. She was unfortunately bad in calculation of distance and that was why she landed in a pizza of a couple sitting at the next table. Our zebra was returned back in a good state, but the couple had a bit shocked expression. After the dinner we and Italian students took a bus. On one station some of us got out of the bus. Jovana told us bye-bye and got out too. The bus was prepared to continue in the ride and we suddenly realised that Elisa is still here with us – what was O.K. – but where is Jovana? In the same moment we heard a pounding on the wall of the bus – Luca was trying to stop the driver to enable Jovana to get on the bus again. In spite of this little „adventure“ we got home allright and all of us.

DAY 3 – Monday (Robin)

On Monday we woke up at 7 am. Our meeting place for this day was in the Italian school. Some students arrived at the meeting place by cars and some by bus. After some hugs and greetings (CIAO), we had two English classes with students from our partner school. In both classes we were talking about our horoscope, hobbies, favourite actors and in the end we were singing a well-known Italian hit Bello e Impossibile, it was very funny. Radek and Misa were singing very feelingly like true Italians. When the two hours were over, we went on a school sight-seeing. We saw the library, chemical laboratory, gym, staff rooms, auditorium, smoking students on the school yard. The school building was very inspirational for our ideas to film and photos, because it was so different from our little homely one. This one was big, edgy like some peripheral, practical modern school.
Then our main mission started, first we had some great Italian bread and cakes with café for refreshment. The meeting was very long, difficult but didactic. We were talking about the final products and the topics for the next half year. When the meeting ended we were on the yard, eating the leftovers, talking about the project, taking photos of us and the zebra. And at once someone locked us out. But fortunately one Italian teacher saw us in the last moment. That was our luck. The teacher liberated us and we could go by bus to the city centre to have a guided tour around the city.
Before the sight-seeing started, we had some free time. We used this time for a walk in the arcades, licking ice-cream and taking photos with old dirty figurines near the shops. One of these figurines had a broken hand. We took this hand for next use. Then at 3 pm began our sight-seeing of the old centre of Bologna. The weather was beautiful, it was sunny and twelve degrees. We saw everything, the oldest university in the world, a complex of five Romanesque churches called Bolognas Jerusalem, the statue of Galvani, two typical towers, the fifth biggest cathedral in the world. And in the cathedral all of the Italians and all Czechs hugged a pillar of the cathedral like a symbol of united Europe.
After this cultural experience Gjp8+zebra became a part of our Italian friends. We went for dinner. Around 10 o’clock we went to our families by bus.
Monday was the day of the figurine hand, red and fat Bologna and communication. Ciao!!!!!!

DAY 4 – Tuesday (Lucka)

On tuesday,it was next day that I woke up in a host family and I felt a little bit homesick,so I didn´t expect such a great day like tuseday was.
I dressed up and so on and took the bus.So I got into the bus station with other students from our school.Together we rode by bus up the hills with many sweeps to the small villige Monghidoro in mountains.Everywhere round about us were mountains,so we had really beautiful view.On the spot we visited local school and met students from that school.Later we visited Montghidoro´s major who was very nice and pleasant (and he liked our hand?) .Than we had a typical italian lunch (a remember many pastas),which was delisious.Than we visited an old mill and owner showed us,how it works (there I learned two new worlds?).And finally we visited agriculture museum.
Suddenly it was almost evening and we had to ride by bus back to Bologna.And because we weren´t very tired we walked along evening city,it had really nice atmosphere.

DAY 5 – Wednesday (Natálka)

Like every morning.. wake up, brush the teeth, bus to school. But on Wednesday it was a little bit different, because the bus didn’t come to school but to the railway station for a trip to Florence (a little bit surprise for us). The journey lasted about one hour and we were conversing with our Italian friends. Suddenly we were at the main station in Florence. Outside it was very rainy so we bought umbrellas and became ready for our tour. The first stop was in the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral. This cathedral is very interesting, beautiful and big. It started a discussion not only about architecture but also about religion. Some people had quite controversial opinions but it was even more interesting. The next stop was on the Piazza della Signoria where is a town hall Palazzo Vecchio. In front of this town hall is the very important statue of David by Michelangelo. But David made us hungry so we wanted to find some restaurant for lunch. During our search we came across some very interesting features of this city. Like padlocks which are a symbol of friendship. After the padlocks we found our restaurant. It was the worst mafia restaurant in the city. But we survived the lunch and our Czech group accompanied with two of our most faithful Italian friends was able to continue in our trip. The rest of the Italians went shopping. So we were walking around Florence and it was perfect because the weather changed and became sunny. We were on an oblique square, than we wanted to climb a hill with the most beautiful view of the whole Florence. The way from city was full of surprises like a beaver-otter-muskrat, bicycle in the river, second Florence in the water etc. Some of us were in a little bit sentimental mood. So when we came back to the city some of us visited the cathedral and some of us had to sweeten our life with an ice-cream. Then we had a meeting with our Italians on the main square. Everyone was there. But everyone like drinking a nice strong Italian coffee. We had half an hour for our coffee (we thought). Fortunately the cafeteria was five minutes from station. We were drinking the coffee and then suddenly our prof called out to stop our drinking and run for the train. We had bad information about the departure. But fortunately we made it and went back to Bologna. When we came home everyone went to their beds happy and full of experience.

DAY 6 – Thursday (Jana)

The schedule for this morning seems very good,especially for our girls´ part of the group, because free time is free means time for shopping-of course:). But before was that it necessary to climb up on the top of the tower called Torre Asinelli. Hundred of steps and dizzy feelings are ended by marvelous view on the city of Bologna, on typical red roofs all around us and somewhere and St.Luca somewhere in the distance. One „necessary“ picture of our full group (we,zebra and hand) and quickly down going shopping for souveniers, clothes, presents, plastic vase and then a big ballpoint pen...And because shopping is very important,responsible and time consuming event,you should not be surprised that some of us were late(of course due to a misunderstanding) at our meeting point which had changed its place two or three times. And because we didn´t want to miss the bus we had to run again. Now across one end of the city to another one.uffff.....
The Second point of today´s programme was volleyball mixed match at the school. Not only boys plus girls but Italians plus Czech too. Finally,after limbering-up with local students followed our „challenge“.After first turn was score 1:0 for the team I played with,second 1:1 and 2:1.But I think in fact everyone could feel as a winner because power was staggered and what was all about and what was most important-we had fun and enjoyed the game much.
Third point is our last meeting about Comenius project for this year and about future collaboration and partnership between our schools,students and teachers. Fortunately almost everything looks hopefully,so we can look forward to common sports camp etc, perhaps.
At the end of day,of our mission ,after hard work and many Iitalian adventures and trips we had a farewell party. It was held in school in friendly circle with teachers and some of italien parents or other relatives who hosted us during all week. Mothers cooked some typical bologense food,cakes and sweets...and there were lot of drinks and fruits...and we drank a lot and ate a lot and spoke together and italien students sang a song for Mr.Dan(Bello,bello impossibie...) to thanks him for everything. They also played song for Míša Konárková – Michelle – by The Beatles (Lorenzo even asked Míša for a dance).
Also we watched a presentation made up from pictures from our meetings in Heraklion, Prague, Bologna And time was running fluently and when italien préside (the headmaster) came to say good bye it was almost already done. My „mother“ told me to go, so I went and everyone went away to spent our last night in Good night and nice dreaming.

DAY 7 – Friday (Míša)

Well, what to write, Friday, the ugliest day, the day of departure and of saying good-bye. In the early morning we all gradually gathered in the tiny den, which served as Míša´s place of abode for the week – room 202 in Hotel Giorgio, right in the centre of Bologna. With seven more newcomers it was immediately transformed into a bee’s nest and so we decided to leave and enjoy the last moments out in the open, some of us doing the last minute shopping, some of us just enjoying our last cappuccinos in our favourite bar in the company of the faithful Luca, who decided to skip his morning school and stay with us as long as possible.
On our last stroll through the city we witnessed what seemed as a very nice demonstration (iron workers?) serving mortadellla, bread, water and wine and playing music peacefully and innocently at the Piazza Maggiore. In the end, it almost prevented us from catching our plane, as the “protestants” blocked the traffic completely and thus caused our hurried and slightly confused search for an alternative bus station, all that with our weighty luggage…
Nevertheless, we made it, checked in, said good-bye to Luca, filmed Radek´s dream from that night presenting him as a linguist specialising in the beauties of Italian English in a brief airport interview, took off, landed in Munich, took off and kissed the Czech soil in the early evening hours.
Finita la commedia!

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