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Comenius meeting in Heraklion - summary

Project meeting in Heraklion – 10 – 16th November 2006

During the project meeting in Heraklion, Crete there was a special atmosphere of friendship and cooperation. Although there were only three of us from the project, as the Spanish school had previously given up for this school year, we kept the main spirit of the project based on friendship and spontaneous communication. This was supported by a perfect organization by the Greek partner, especially the accompanying programme was immensely varied and gave us a number of opportunities to “taste“ o lot from the Cretan culture and lifestyle. During the negotiations, we reached the main goals that were necessary to proceed further in the project: that is

• setting the the main goals within the framework of our 2nd years topic
• choosing and identifying ourselves with the concrete form of our final products
• discussing and emphasizing the necessity of disemination and evaluation
• discussing the so far zero participation of the Portuguese school
• the project logo
• the future of the project – a possible new partner for the project
• next project meeting in Prague

The main goals are clear – as the topic says “famous personalities“ of our countries and possibly regions, we will be trying to find out about our most significant and interesting ones,choosing the best ways how to present them to the partner countries. Along with this, each partner should of course be focused on watching the other partners´ work to be able to fulfil the main goal – getting acquainted with the famous personalities of the partner countries.
The final product will be an on-line catalogue of the personalities that had already been established on our project website. Before the end of the school year it will be printed out as a real catalogue.
Another final product should be a report from any visit to any kind of performance (exhibition) related to the above discussed matter. The form of the report is left free to an individual choice of the partners.
As for the Portuguese school, we decided to ask directly if they are willing to participate actively in our project and if not, there is no other reason why we should regard the Portuguese school a proper, equal partner.
It´s the highest time we decided upon the looks of our new logo – there have already been some promising suggestions from the Czech and the Italian students – there´s going to be an on-line voting poll after all the sugestions from the students have arrived – the deadline for sending them to or is 15th January 2007.
As the Spanish school has recently withdrawn from the project and the Portuguese are not cooperating we needed to ask ourseves the question “Would 3 countries be enough? Is the project in danger?“ The simple fact is that if the number of countries dropped below 3, there is no other way for the project to go on. So we jointly decided to look for at least one more partner willing to stay with us for a year.
The next project meeting in Prague is most probably going to take place within 20 – 27th April 2007 (90%), with a final confirmation that we will be able to give by the end of January.

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