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The project aims to promote a better understanding and integration of minorities through appreciating the diverse needs, cultures and values of both minority and majority communities. The concept of minorities includes disabled, ethnic minorities, migrants, and gender.

Partners will focus as follows:

  • Scotland disabled, ethnic minorities, migrants, gender
  • Germany - migrants and groups chosen by pupils (e.g AIDs)
  • Czech republic - emphasis on ethnic minorities, the disabled and gender.

    Partners will develop materials, and pedagogical methods to make learning attractive to minorities, to integrate them, involving families where appropriate. We will compare best practice in different educational systems using intercultural exchange through IT. Involvement of pupils in planning and evaluation.

    The project aims at awareness of minorities and diversity, considering structural factors (disabled access, language support, non-discriminatory teaching practices, etc.) and pedagogical factors (content of materials). It will seek to influence decision makers. This will be measured by comparing the following at start and end:

    Access for disabled/Language support for minority/Teaching materials/Student attitudes Partners will encourage development of new skills relevant to personal and professional life such as communication/ presentation, decision-making, conflict resolution, and team work needed for an integrated Europe.

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    Prague 2010-08-20 00:00:00